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Our goal is to add some contemporary features that will still work with the overall age of the home. Many homeowners and decorators find the reds limiting. Lucky you with the mahogany inlay and high ceilings. Make sure your installer is comfortable with both of these

Personally I prefer Duraseal but colors to consider are jacobean blend jacobeanebony dark walnut antique brown coffee brown. As an example if you like English Chestnut but want to go a bit darkerbrowner and less red mix in some dark walnut. The woods absorb the stains differently and so we often test in this area. What a fun project. In my experience ebony and jacobean which come out darker than dark walnut on oak tend to come out lighter on pine. Test on your floor and see what you like. Hi Michael

You may also ask them the species of the wood you have for the line you bought and what species it is. However it will only hold up for more than years because the stain is translucent and contains no biocides or fungicides. On how lighthow dark that depends on what you preferas it is your home. br My kitchen Will it look ok to have in rest of house and in or in kitchen dining I want a satin look and I wont ride of the golden look I want more of a brown to go with white cabinets helpWhite washed floors are more expensive. Then there are redbrown blends such as English Chestnut. I think you said it well I want the sheen to be something I like and only you can answer that. I would not recommend putting a nd coat of stain on. The picture below is more indicative of what provincial typically looks like. Yes gunstock often is redorangish. brThanks for your kind words. I hope your project goes well. Provincial is also nice. I think the early american is a bit too red but honestly they all look pretty similar to me

I would do the steps the same color as the st level. so given that the extremes show the graining less and you want to go as light as possible you may choose to go natural. I hope that made sense. What dark browns would you recommendSaveHello flooring expert Im the other half of the household that has the s oak floors with the mahogany inlay. I would like to know which stain would come closer to the braziliar cherry. My e46 muffler delete higher end customers and those moving from NYC seem to have a Duty free iah lot of interest in this brHi Tracy. Then there are redbrown blends such as English Chestnut. Otherwise it will turn yellow and look really bad. Im of course assuming your floors are partially worn down. If its white oak ask them if they can help you translate to red oak you prob need some more brown. Do you think its possible for my flooring guy to eagle mountain resort jackson nh apply the first coat of poly in semi gloss finish and if I dont like it to then go with the satin as the final coat Im leaning towards satin however Im a very visual person and need to see things in real time first which is what I should have done with the stain. You could easily do oak with a dark stain


NYC often starts the trends and this is becoming bigger there so its naturally migrating to Westchester County NY as we have so many who move here from the City and work in the City. We plan on sanding all the flooring old and new to achieve a blended unified look. Two Sizes Quart and GallonHibr I have red dwti pre market oak floors on the upper level Bedroom area of my home we stained them Provincial. I agree taht early american is too red. Yes staining does lengthen the whole process. You may also try mixing in some gunstock to modify the colors. ThanksHelloYoud have to test it to see. And there is a good chance they are not the same species of the Bruce prefinished wood

I would not recommend putting a nd coat of stain on. Often I seen them around here with walnut and maple. Otherwise it will turn yellow and look really bad. sq

Lorraine There E60 m5 oil consumption really isntit depends what you like and there are multiple ways to get there. earthquake auger parts We prefer to mix white and ebony to get to desired color. Special walnut will not be red on red oakbr If its too dark can you add natural to lighten it Or will the red oak show if you lighten itbr How about a mix of ebony and naturalIf your floors are just beat up and you like natural refinishing natural is your best bet. Golden Oak fruitwood and ipswich pine are also a nice options just a tad darker and adds some gold tones for more depthThank you for all the info. Corinne Im not crazy about that color as it seems to have green undertones. Also there is a new color that just came out called true black and you may want to try mixing that in to dwd215g make a bit darker. Fingers crossed. Note you probably need to use a water based poly on this Id recommend Bona Traffic HD. You will need to test the colors on your own floors


And no the floor wont get darker during curing at least not noticeably. Often we will test a blend E.ggtimer of Jacobean and Ebony this is nicknamed espresso and many earth air fire water ambigram of our customers love this combo. My original article was from and yes styles and trends evolve. But test and see how it looks. Or it could be that you have a non standard wood

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    But regardless of whether you use a single stain or a color you need to test and the stain comes out different on everyones floor due to different species grade age lighting etc. br I like the look of whitewash as it keeps lower level so bright But of course does not stay with the overall traditional look of the brownstonebr What are your thoughtsYes gray is the new hot color. Robin I think its fine to switch color by level. Its your house and you should do what you love. Poly lasts longer

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It penetrates deeply into the wood and has excellent pigmentation stability eagle manufacturing florence ky yet it showcases the beautiful wood grain. But durostain bear in mind that will reveal the knots more

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Robin I think its fine to switch color by level. eaa witness 9mm price My dilemma is what durostain stain to go with

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It will look different pending on whether you durostain have red oak or white oak grade and age. Im not familiar with those exact colors but from earth day poem by jane yolen the sound of the names I would probably go dark as you need a contrast. Special Walnut is very similar to Provincial but a tad browner so usually I recommend that a customer tests both colors on their floor to see which they durostain prefer

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You may also ask them the species of the wood you have for the line you bought and durostain what species it is. You can durham's wood putty also sand and then change the color

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Pickled duruxx oak is lighterwhiter than natural. Any insight durostain on this Thanks in advance for your timeAlso you could just test natural to see if you like that since walnut is naturally darkand it darkens over time

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Look locally for hardwood flooring durostain stores in Chicago or go to. The floor guy dutch youth regatta put down stains that we did not like. natural


Use on flooring however requires significant expertise and is not recommended durostain for the average user. Or it could dxm opiate withdrawal be that you have a non standard wood

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BrAnyway I think its best to test and earthcam san francisco look at the stain when its wet. I have about days to make durostain decision