Durock backer board
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Durock backer board

Date:12 May 2017 | Author: Admin
durock backer board

DAP does not have the waterstopping coating. This second method paces the job a bit more and give you a chance to admire your handywork stepbystep. I won an argument in with a builder on a story luxury condo project in Minneapolis where the GC convinced the Owner that the Wonderboard I had specified was not worth the cost. All Rights Reserved

Backer board is a cement or cementandfiberbased board used as a substrate for tile and stone installations. I dont know of any drywall that is quot thick nor should drywall be used as a flooring underlayment as already mentioned. Ive got another question I was just reading a how to tile book and it mentioned that you can install hardibacker to the greenboard using the thinset and then screwing in with quotrockonquot screws. sounds like you mercurygirl and I are all at the same stage of a bath remodel. Hold the bottom course of tiles off the tub and caulk the gap between tile and tub. Still hold the tiles off the tub and then caulk the gap between the tiles and the tub

Shouldit also be hardybackerThanksWhen you get to windows how do you handle the joints thereWeedy Im really sorry I hope Im not causing you worry. Is this correct. Cement board and Redguard are obsolete. But with no CB on site and a large stack of DAP how long do you have to wait after you use the thinset over the tape on the joints Is there drying time before you can begin tiling Thanks again. Fiber reinforced concrete backing will be used. Bottom line is that Greenboard is not and should not be used in a wet area. He says he has boxes of private docs from US Gypsum and the like. Ill bet there are some things you could really make ME feel dumb about if the conversation were to swing over in that direction. Control Freak Momma that is. Greenboard is just regular drywall with a coating. says its mold resistant. Im on it like white on rice. So yeah years down the road in our case the greenboard in a shower wont be holding up for you

Tammy Nah I dont chuckle at all. yr old thread workmanThe truth is they both suck. This second method paces the job a bit more and give you a chance to admire your handywork stepbystep. With the Kerdi its not needed. If you rest it on top of the flange what happens with the inch under the hardibacker Do you tile down to the tub spacer between tile and tubThe tile industry has considered greenboard an unsuitable substrate in wet areas showers since when eagle fgcu the Tile Council of America stamped quotQUESTIONED Dylan ratigan salary INSTALLATION IN WET AREASquot across the tub and shower details in their manual in red ink. In todays rushed building world steps get skipped and showers are built every day with little to no thought to water migration. I will post over in plumbing and see if someone can give me pointers for that. Crumb for me. my problem is the new tub is a half inche smaller so i need to build up behind the hardibacker a half inche. If you plan on painting it makes the most sense to use drywall on this area do not use drywall as a backer in the tubshower area. It brings me back to a time a few years ago when I overheard a Home Depot employee telling a customer that he can wire a breaker in his sub panel with ga lamp dwsd logo zip cord

durock backer board

The cement board is actually in and the green board is measuring more like. We have the DAP stuff sitting waiting to be installed in our dwch stock bathroom. Im on it like white on rice. When the panels are installed they should be set in a fresh bead of silicone where it meets adjacent panels and the pan. Of course the marble guy says it will never leak well. Thanks TammyWhat do the manufacturers instructions call for the backer to beVapor barrier needs to go BEHIND the cement board either mil polyethlene or pound tar paper. I would definitely incorporate a moisture barrier and possible that vented floor sheathing that allows the surface to dry out

Currently its finished standard drywall with just semigloss paint. After some conversation with the instruction he felt that the green board would be okay for this bath only DH uses it but in the future we should have the hardiebacker installed. Regular sheetrock was like mud. Yup

Ok. Completely unnecessary as long as the drywall is in reasonable shape not damp or missing eagle creek ranch tyler tx its paper surface. Which is better tar paper or the membrane stuff Thanks again. I used cement board around the tub and shower and green board everywhere else. or do you lay it like roofing starting at the bottom and working your way up like shinglesSorry Bill just want to do it right dwayne polee ii and I am sorry to say there are probably a flood of Qs on the way. If this is the way it goes how do you attach it and nd how much do you over lap When you get to windows how do you handle the joints there Does this get done before or after the floor prep Now I am thinking the shower wall stuff has to fall overtop the shower pan stuff right Thank you in advance. Ear candling results pictures Was I neglectful to my client to have used greenboard at that timeBill My DH and I are thinking we might replace the green board ourselves. If theres a showerhead over your tub better use cement board Otherwise greenboard will be fine if its a drop in tub only. Last year USG finally gave in to industry code and mold lawsuit pressures and changed their recommendation for greenboard tobr quotPerfect for use in areas such as bathrooms powder rooms kitchens and utility rooms with incidental moisture exposure. quot

durock backer board

Thats it. Its a good thing you told me youre doing Kerdi. dustin dimisa For a tub installation of this size it makes the most sense to purchase backer boards measuring by feet. quotContrary to popular opinion quotgreenboard is not regular GWB with a waterresistant paper finish in addition to the special paper front and back it has a waterresistant gypsum core. I have Dysconjugate gaze since gone to a tiling class and I was told I needed hardiebacker instead of green board

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    Should I use backer board for my kitchen backsplash Hubby seems to think we do but much of the advice I have heard on these forums say no. Chuckling. You can nail or screw strips of quot plywood to the studs before you install the Hardi board. silly meThe problem is that as soon as the green sheet on the outside of the wallboard is breached as in cut or screwed thru its no longer water resistant

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The nonshower side of the room durock backer board had been a closet wall not a bathroom wall. He says that its impossible to be installed correctly by mere mortals. IRC Greenboard Codebr The International Residential Code IRC states inbr Section that quotCement fibercement or glass matbr gypsum backers in compliance dynasty warriors 6 gamestop with ASTM durock backer board C Cbr or C and installed in accordance with manufacturersbr recommendations shall be used as backers for wall tile inbr tub and shower areas and wall panels in shower areas

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Chuckwagon I hope you get your situation resolved quickly and to your satisfaction and I thank you for posting this topic. The guy at eagle house terenure Lowes said to use DAP instead of greenboard though in his durock backer board defense he didnt tell us to use it as tile backer

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Eaglemom the solid surface panels are usually installed e90 335d specs with silicone which doesnt adhere as well to backerboards like it will to regular ol sheetrock. I went by one this afternoon and they told me the greenboard was fine durock backer board if I used quotmasticquot for the tile set

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There are durock backer board many different kinds of backer board and they come in a few different sizes and thicknesses. Chuckwagon I hope you get your situation resolved quickly and to your satisfaction and eagle 98.1 stream I thank you for posting this topic

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It IS a e46 oil pan gasket diy waterproofing. durock backer board mightyanvil is correct

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Now earthquake davao today at lowes we saw quotyellowquot board. I will stay with durock backer board it. please correct me if I am wrong and generalizing What pound roof felt should I use and how wide does it come I am familiar with ones that are ft wide

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I just mentally matched up your partial pic above with the finished pics I remember seeing weeks ago and just as Bill wrote your bath is one of the nicest Ive durock backer board seen I love your bathroomThanks Bill. but will now purchase the CBU at least dyspepsia ayurvedic treatment for the walls around and above the durock backer board shower area

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dzmm 630 am radio We had a quick question do you leave a space at the bottom of the hardibacker or does it sit on the durock backer board tub There is a inch flange around the tub. . A cheap choice