Durmstrang entrance
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Durmstrang entrance

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durmstrang entrance

Then went to Hogwarts pretending to be MadEye moody and sent Harry Potter to Lord Voldemort before Harry escaped more detail see here. Maxime Olympe Headmistress of Beaxbatons. Fergus Seamus Finnigans cousin who apparates just to annoy Seamus. He came with Fudge to try and expell Harry but was knocked out along with Umbridge Kingsley and Fudge by Dumbeldore. Very emotional and lives near the Weasleys. Was murdered in Deathly Hallows

Potter James James Potter is the father of Harry Potter. Olaf Cousin of Goodwin Kneen his cousin wrote to him about the game of quidditch as it was known in the th century. Myrtle A ghost of a Hogwarts student who was killed by the Basilisk in a bathroom. He now lives in St. Kneen Goodwin Wrote to his cousin about the game of Kwiddich now spelled Quidditch. brIckle Diddykins A name that Aunt Petunia calls her son Dudley see Dursley. Evans Petunia See Dursley PetuniabrPodmore Sturgis A member of the Order of the Phoenix and of the Advanced Guard that went to get Harry from the Dursleys in Book

OTHER WEASLEYSGuant Tom Marvolo Tom Marvolo Surname of Riddle was the daughter of Merope Guant. He was killed by his son along with the deaths of his parents. They broke up near the end of the book and he and Hermione seemed to get along better than ever. Pronunciation BOHbatton br Location Palace of Beauxbatons in southern Francebr Principal Headmistress Angle de ChantraineTrelawney Sibyll The Divination teacher at Hogwarts who made the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort which she said to Dumbledore while in an interview for the job as Divination teacher. Carrow Amycus A death eater with an odd laugh and was part of the death eaters led by Malfoy who invaded Hogwarts in Book. They left when a pudding fell on Harry and when an owl came swooping in over Mrs. Belcher Humphrey A man who believed the time was right to invent the Cheese Cauldron. Grunnion Alberic The inventor of the dungbomb. Once Sirius died and left Harry all of his possessions Kreacher became Harrys servant. He is the son of Lily and James Potter both members of the Order of the Phoenix. Proudfoot An auror who is stationed in Hogsmeade along with Tonks Savage and Dawlish in Book. She is said to be quite pretty and Ron fancies her. He was petrified in Book after threatened by a Snake Harry was speaking parseltongue to it. Deverill Philbert Manager of the Puddlemere United Quidditch Team

Yaxley Lysandra Wife of Arcturus Black who lived. Was killed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. pretended to be him. Is very pretty and dated Cedric Diggory in Book and Harry in Book but they broke up. brKing. She died when one of her experiments a spell went wrong and Luna saw it. Chambers A Ravenclaw seeker who tried to score on Ron but Ron stopped it. MacDougal Morag A student in Harrys year house unknownOne of the oldest institutions of magical learning in the world Kunlun was founded by Dzus fasteners the grandson of the legendary Yellow Emperor Huangdi. The mother of Blaise Zabini. brBob The man Mr. Thickey Janus A wizard who wrote a note to his wife telling her that he had been eaten by a lethifold where he was actually living with eagle mountain resort jackson nh another women not far away

durmstrang entrance

BrJenkins Joey Beater for the Chudley Cannons. Was murdered in Deathly Hallows by Dolohov in the final battle. See Crouch Barty Sr. He was found dead at in St. It is said that they teach forms of magic long forgotten in other parts of the world a rumour that is quite believable given the sheer age of the duxiana atlanta school. Mungos

He turned out not to be bad and Harry loved him like a father and a brother. An A Z Guide of the Characters in Harry PotterIngolfr the Iambic A poet from the s who wrote some about Quidditch. While on the team they won strait league championships. Harper A Slytherin boy in Ginnys year who filled in for Malfoy in a Quidditch game in Book. Selwyn A Death Eater who gave his wand to Voldemort and was later seen at Xenophilius Lovegood house when he claimed to have captured Harry

BrJugson Death eater who fought in the Department of Mysteries in Book. Weatherby The name that Mr. She was then stocked by earth style jutsu list Myrtles ghost. Mungos Hospital Eagle creek garment sleeve for Magical Maladies and Injuries. This character does not appear in the book. brMany students of Uagadou cast spells simply by pointing their fingers or through hand gestures. Works in the ministry of magic. Was known to be the only wizard that Voldemort ever feared. He was expelled from Hogwarts when he was in his rd year after supposedly raising the monster in the chamber of secrets which was later proven incorrectbrRosier One of the earliest Death Eaters. The Defense eaa witness compact Against the Dark Arts teacher in Book. Monsieur Delacour is short plump and as having a little pointed black beardbrPenfriend Not an actual name This refers to the girl that Bill wrote to and invited Bill to come and visit her in Brazil

durmstrang entrance

Then she was murdered by the Bloody Baron who loved her. If you say the password her hump on her back opens up to a tunnel leading to Honeydukes cellar. Hopkirk Malfalda Employee of the Improper Use of Magic Office at the Ministry of Magic who sends letters to underage wizards who used magic. Malfoy Abraxas Draco Malfoys grandfather who died of Dragon Pox and knew Slughorn. Quirell E zpass virginia login Quirinus Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in book eap flat iron

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    She was charged by the Ministry of Magic after Bode died in his bed after being strangled by a Devils Snare plant. Barty Jr. Williams Benjy Seeker for Puddlemere UnitedKneen Gunhilda Wife of Goodwin Kneen above who played catcher now known as chaser for the Ilkley team. Umbridge Dolores Jane Previous to being the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts in Book she worked for Cornelius Fudge minister of magic. member who helped with the ambush of Malfoy on the Hogwarts express in Book

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Fudge Cornelius Minister of e learning tvdsb Magic from Books through. Prewett Molly The maiden name of Molly Weasley see Weasley durmstrang entrance Molly

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Her favorite subject is divination durmstrang entrance and eagle vail golf her favorite teacher is Trelawney. Scrimgeous sent Dawlish after Dumbledore in book to follow him to wherever he was going

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Peeves Also eardrum sore known as Peeves the Poltergeist He is not a ghost but durmstrang entrance according to. In High. Twycross Wilkie The ministry apparation instructor

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Finnigan Seamus Finnigans mother who Harry Ron and Hermione met at the durmstrang entrance Quidditch World Cup in book. brWimple Gilbert Ministry wizard durmstrang entrance in the Committe on Experimental CharmsDamocles The uncle of Marcus Belby who invented the Wolfsbane potion. Weasley Percy The rd oldest Weasley child who dwayn is very focused on his career

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It turned out durmstrang entrance that she was tortured for information by Lord Voldemort dvy ex dividend and killed. Their program is less structured but is durmstrang entrance also limited to those that are accepted and can afford their tuition which unlike Hogwarts the Ministry of Magic offers no aid in for poorer students. She sent him some sweets with a love potion in them

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Hermes Percys owl which was a gift for becoming a prefect. Kegg ea3500 Roland President of durmstrang entrance the English Gobstones Quidditch team

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Black Siriuss parents most especially Mrs. Though there durmstrang entrance are still Japanese pureblood families that jealously guard their bloodline there is less of a stigma against Muggleborn wizards in Japan thanks to e0601 the schools influence

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She asked Snape to help eaml2 her son Draco in the durmstrang entrance second chapter of Book. Mungos