Duris non frangor

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duris non frangor

Pounds shillings penceBR Licentia liquendi Liberty of speakingBR Licentia poetica Poetic licence. CompareBR Confide Be confidentBR Confide in Deo Trust in GodBR Confide rectegrave agens Doing rightly be confidentBR Confido I trustBR Confido conquiesco I trust and am contentedBR Confido in Deo I trust in GodBR Confido in Domino I trust in the LordBR Confido in probitate I trust in my probityBR Confido non confundar I trust and shall not be confoundedBR Confisus viribus Confident in my own powersBR Confiteor I confessBR Congregatio de Propaganda Fide Congregation for the Propagation of the FaithBR Coniecturalem artem esse medicinam Medicine is the art of guessing. Irish ProverbBR Niacute feacuteidir an seanfhocal a shaacuteruacute. Irish ProverbBR Biacuteonn blaacutes ar an mbeagaacuten. OvidBR Nil impossibile Nothing is impossibleBR Nil indigne Nothing unworthilyBR Nil invita Minerva Nothing contrary to ones geniusBR Nil magnum nisi bonum Nothing is great unless goodBR Nil moror ictus I heed not blowsBR Nil nequit amor Love can do everythingBR Nil nisi cruce Nothing unless by the crossBR Nil nisi patria Nothing without ones countryBR Nil quo plus Nothing more than my dueBR Nil penna sed usus Not the quill but its useBR Nil sine causa Nothing without a causeBR Nil sine Deo Nothing without GodBR Nil sine labore Nothing without labourBR Nil sine magno labore Nothing without great labourBR Nil sine numine Nothing without providenceBR Nil sine numine Nothing without the DeityBR Nil sistere contra Nothing to oppose usBR Nil solidum There is nothing unchangeableBR Nil temere Nothing rashlyBR Nil temeregrave tenta nil timidegrave Attempt nothing either rashly or timidlyBR Nil temere neque timore Nothing rashly nor with fearBR Nil time Fear nothingBR Nil timeo I fear nothingBR Nil veretur veritas Truth fears nothingBR Nill illigitimi carborundum Do not let the bastards get you downBR Niacuteor chuaigh fial riamh go hIfreann

After thorns the palmBR Post tenebras lux After darkness lightBR Post tenebras lux After the darkness lightBR Post tot naufragia portum After so many shipwrecks a havenBR Post virtutem curro I run after virtueBR Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis You do not know the power of the dark sideBR Postera laude recens Ever fresh in the admiration of posterityBR Potes currere sed te occulere non potes You can run but you cant hideBR Potest ex casa magnus vir exire A great man can come from a hut. Food and games to keep people happy. its constant attendantBR Gloriosum est iniurias oblivisci It is glorious to forget the injusticeBR Gnaviter SkilfullyBR Gnothe seauton Greek Know thyselfBR God be my bede. HoraceBR Pungit sed placet It pricks but pleasesBR Pura sequi To follow pure things or Purefoy is my delightBR Pure de fonte From a clear springBR Purgamentum init exit purgamentum Garbage in garbage outBR Puri sermonis amator A lover of pure speech. UnanimouslyBR Nemine dissentiente Nem. One beetle recognises another beetle Irish ProverbBR Aithniacutetear cara i gcruataacuten. Clare and I cherishBR Clarescam I shall become brightBR Clarior e flammis Brighter from the flameBR Clarior e tenebris The brighter from previous obscurityBR Clarior ex obscuro Brighter from obscurityBR Clarior hinc honos Hence the brighter honourBR Clariora sequor I follow brighter thingsBR Clariores e tenebris Men are brighter from previous obscurityBR Claris dextra factis A right hand employed in glorious deedsBR Clarum reddit industria Industry renders illustriousBR Clementia et animis By clemency and courageBR Clementia tecta rigore Clemency concealed under apparent rigourBR Codex juris canonici Book of canon lawBR Clestem spero coronam I hope for a heavenly crownBR Clestes pandite port Open ye celestial gatesBR Clestes pandite port Open ye heavenly gatesBR Clestia canimus We sing of heavenly gatesBR Clestia canimus We sing of heavenly thingsBR Clestia sequor I follow heavenly thingsBR Clis exploratis For the heavens exploredBR Clitus datum Given by GodBR Clitus litus mihi vires My strength from heavenBR Clitus vires Strength from heavenBR Clum non animum You may change your climate but not your dispositionBR Clum quod qurimus ultra Heaven which we seek beyondBR Clum versus HeavenwardBR Clum non solum Heaven not earthBR Cptis aspirate meis Be favourable to my undertakingsBR Csar aut nullus Caesar or noneBR Cteris major qui melior He is greater than others who is betterBR Cur fidegravele A faithful heartBR Cogadh na sithe Peace or warBR Cogit amor Love compelsBR Cogita ante salis Think before you leap or look before you leapBR Cogitationis poenam nemo patitur Nobody should be punished for his thoughtsBR Cogito I reflectBR Cogito ergo doleo I think therefore I am depressedBR Cogito sumere potum alterum I think Ill have another drinkBR Cogito ergo sum I think therefore I am. SyrusBR Regnat populus Let the People ruleBR Regulier et vigoreux Regular and strongBR Relata refero I tell what I have been told

OvidBR Amor vincit omnia Love conquers all. The nerve of war money. HoraceBR Auribus teneo lupum I hold a wolf by the ears. OKelly is the camp of CoumlelBR Ratio decidendi The reason for the decisionBR Ratio et consilium propriae ducis artes Reason and deliberation are the proper skills of a generalBR Ratio legis est anima legis The reason of the law is the soul of the lawBR Ratio mihi sufficit The reason is sufficient for meBR Ratione non iracirc By reason not by rageBR Ratione non vi By reason not by forceBR Re ConcerningBR Re alta spero I indeed hope for lofty thingsBR Re et merito By reality and meritBR Re vera cara mea mea nil refert Frankly my dear I dont give a damnBR Re vera potas bene Say you sure are drinking a lotBR Rebus angustis fortis Brave in adversityBR Rebus justis invigilans Watchful for justiceBR Recedite plebes Gero rem imperialem Stand aside plebians I am on imperial businessBR Recreat et alit It amuses and nourishesBR Recta pete Seek for right thingsBR Recta sequor I follow uprightlyBR Recta sursum Right upwardsBR Recta vel ardua Upright even when difficultBR Recte ad ardua Honourably throughout difficultiesBR Recte agens confido While acting uprightly I am confidentBR Recte et suaviter Justly and mildlyBR Recte faciendo audax Bold in doing justlyBR Recte faciendo neminem timeas In acting justly fear no oneBR Recte faciendo securus Safe in acting justlyBR Recte faciendo neminem timeo Acting justly I fear nobodyBR Recte omnia duce Deo God being my guide all things will be rightly doneBR Recte quod honeste That is rightly which is honestly doneBR Recte quod honeste That is rightly which is honestly doneBR Recto On the rightBR Recto cursu In a right courseBR Rectus in curro I keep upright in a curve. HoraceBR Omnes vulnerant ultima necat All hours wound the last kills. Put silk on a goat and it is still a goat. The place of the sealBR Locus standi The right to be heard in courtBR Ldere noli Be unwilling to hurtBR Lti acie florent They flourish joyful in their keenness of mindBR Ltitia et spe immortalitatis With joy and hope of immortalityBR Ltitia per mortem Joy through deathBR Lto aere florent They flourish in glad airBR Loisgim agus soillerghim I will burn and enlightenBR Longo intervallo After a long gapBR Loquendo placet He pleases when he speaksBR Loquitur Loq. An empty sack does not stand. VegetiusBR Qui docet discit He who teaches learnsBR Qui dormit non peccat One who sleeps doesnt sinBR Qui habet aures audiendi audiat He who has ears let him understand how to listenBR Qui honeste fortiter He who acts honestly acts bravelyBR Qui ignorabat ignorabitur One who is ignorant will remain unnoticedBR Qui invidet minor est He that envies is inferiorBR Qui me amat amet et canem meum Who loves me loves my dog tooBR Qui me tanget pnitebit Whoever touch me will repentBR Qui multum habet plus cupit He who has much desires more. if you want support you must offer something in returnBR Ubi revera Ubi re vera When in realityBR Ubi spiritus est cantus est Where there is spirit there is songBR Ubi sunt Where are they the good old daysBR Ubi supra Where cited aboveBR Ubicumque homo est ibi benefici locus est Wherever there is a man there is a place offor kindnessserviceBR Ubique EverywhereBR Ubique aut nusquam Everywhere or nowhereBR Ubique fecundat imber Everywhere the rain fertilizesBR Ubique fidelis Everywhere faithfulBR Ubique paratus Everywhere preparedBR Ubique patriam reminisci Everywhere to remember ones countryBR Ultima ratio Last reason. eyes I believe with my heartBR Ore rotundo With full voiceBR Orna verum Honour the truthBR Ornat fortem prudentia Prudence adorns the braveBR Ornatur radix fronde The root is adorned by the foliageBR Osculare pultem meam Kiss my gritsBR Ostendo non ostento I show not boastBR Otium cum dignitate Repose with dignityBR Oublier ne puis I cannot forgetBR Pace Be at peaceBR Pace et bello paratus In peace and war preparedBR Pace tua With your consentBR Pacem amo I love peaceBR Pacem sed coronatam pacem Peace but crowned peaceBR Pacis Of peaceBR Pacis nuncia A harbinger of peaceBR Pacta sunt servanda Agreements are to be kept. JuvenalBR Prcedentibus insta Press hard upon those who go before youBR Prcipitatus attamen tutus Cast down yet safeBR Prclarius quo difficilius The more difficult the more honourableBR Prclarum regi et regno servitium Honourable service to king and countryBR Prd memor Mindful of gainBR Prmium virtutis honor Honour is the reward of virtueBR Prmium virtus gloria Reward virtue gloryBR Prmium virtus honor Reward virtue honourBR Prnuntia pacis Forerunner of peaceBR Prsta et persta Promise and persevereBR Prstat opes sapientia Wisdom excels wealthBR Prsto et persisto I undertake and I persevereBR Prstograve et prstograve Ready and ready. in a bookBR Id certum est quod certum reddi potest That is certain that can be made certainBR Id est

Of the departed dxo noise reduction has been keptBR Servate fidem cineri Keep the promise made to the ashes of your forefathersBR Servatum sincere Kept faithfullyBR Serviendo By servingBR Serviendo guberno By serving I governBR Servire Deo regnare est To serve God is to ruleBR Servire Deo sapere To serve God is to be wiseBR Servitute clarior More illustrious by serviceBR Shanet a boo Shanet to victory or defyingBR Shanet a boo Shanet to victory or defyingBR Shenichum or Senachie Erin The historian of ErinBR Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos If God be with us who can be against usBR Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos If God is with us who is against usBR Si Deus quis contra If God be with us who can be against usBR Si Dieu Veult If God wills itBR Si fallatis officium quaestor infitias eat se quicquam scire de factis vestris If you eagle one a2z fail the secretary will disavow all knowledge of your activitiesBR Si fecisti nega If you did it deny it Dykes lumber long island city stonewallBR Si finis bonus est totum bonum erit If the end is good everything will be good alls well that ends wellBR Si fractum non sit noli id reficere If it aint broke dont fix itBR Si fractus fortis Strong brokenBR Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes If you can read this youre overeducatedBR Si je nestoy If I were notBR Si je pouvois If I couldBR Si e toll gantries je puis If I canBR Si monumentum requiris circumspice If you seek a monument look aroundBR Si non datur ultra If it is not allowed beyondBR Si non felix Merry if not happyBR Si non felix Merry if not happyBR Si eagle vs shark trailer possem If I couldBR Si post fata venit gloria non propero If glory dwight gooden nickname comes after death Im not in a hurry if one must die to be recognised I can waitBR Si sapis sis apis If you are wise be a beeBR Si sit prudentia If there be prudenceBR Si tacuisses philosophus manisses If you had kept quiet you would have remained a philosopher. Irish ProverbBR Niacute feacuteidir an seanfhocal a shaacuteruacute. CompareBR Confide Be confidentBR Confide in Deo Trust in GodBR Confide rectegrave agens Doing rightly be confidentBR Confido I trustBR Confido conquiesco I trust and am contentedBR Confido in Deo I trust in GodBR Confido in Domino I trust in the LordBR Confido in probitate I trust in my probityBR Confido non confundar I trust and shall not be confoundedBR Confisus viribus Confident in my own powersBR Confiteor I confessBR Congregatio de Propaganda Fide Congregation for the Propagation of the FaithBR Coniecturalem artem esse medicinam Medicine is the art of guessing. HoraceBR Dirigatt Deus May God direct usBR Dirige Direct usBR Diriget Deus God will direct itBR Disce ferenda pati Learn to endure what must be borneBR Disce mori ut vivas Learn to die that thou mayest liveBR Disce pati Learn to endureBR Discere docendo To learn through teachingBR Disciplina fide perseverantia By discipline fidelity and perseveranceBR Discite justitiam Learn justiceBR Discite justitiam moniti Learn justice being admonishedBR Discrimine salus Safety in dangerBR Disiecti membra poetae Limbs of a dismembered poet. Sometimes it just sort of slips outBR Vaillaunce avance le home Valour advances the manBR Vale FarewellBR Vale lacerte See you later alligatorBR Valebit He will prevailBR Valens et volens Able and willingBR Valet anchora virtus Virtue our anchor is strongBR Valet et vulnerat It is strong and it woundsBR Valor e lealdad Valour and loyaltyBR Valor et fortuna Valour and good fortuneBR Valui ad satanam in computatrum meum invocandum I succeeded in summoning satan into my computerBR Vana spes vit Worldly hope is vainBR Vanitas vanitatvm omnis vanitas Vanity dymo labelwriter 330 turbo of vanities all is vanityBR Vanus est honor Honour is vainBR Varia lecto. SenecaBR Diligite justitiam o judices terrae Cherish justice o judges of the earthBR Dimidium facti qui coepit habet Half is done when the beginning is done. though the heavens fallBR Fiat lux Let there be lightBR Fiat voluntas Dei The will of God be doneBR Fiat volvntas tua Let Thy will be done BiblicalBR FiatDei voluntas Gods will be doneBR Fide et amore By fidelity and loveBR Fide et caritate laboro I labour with faith and charityBR Fide et clementia By faith and clemencyBR Fide et constantia By fidelity and constancyBR Fide et fiducia By fidelity and confidenceBR Fide et firme Faithfully and firmlyBR Fide et fortitudine With faith and fortitudeBR Fide et in bello fortis Strong e locker retrofit in faith and in warBR Fide et industria By faith and industryBR Fide et integritate By fidelity and integrityBR Fide et labore By faith and labourBR Fide et Marte By fidelity and military serviceBR Fide et opera By faith dwapar yuga and workBR Fide et sedulitate With faith and diligenceBR Fide et spe With faith and hopeBR Fide et vigilantia By faith and vigilanceBR Fide et virtute By fidelity and valourBR Fide laboro I labour with faithBR Fide non armis By faith not armsBR Fide parta fide aucta By faith obtained by faith increasedBR Fide sed vide Trust but take careBR Fide labore et virtute By faith labour and virtueBR Fide non armis By faith not armsBR Fide sed cui vide Trust but in whom take careBR Fidei coticula crux The cross is the test of e cucina perth truthBR Fidei defensor Defender of the faithBR Fidei signum The emblem of faithBR Fidelegrave FaithfullyBR Fideli certa merces To the faithful there is certain rewardBR Fideli certe merces To the faithful man there is assuredly a rewardBR Fideli quod obstat What hinders the faithfulBR Fidelis FaithfulBR Fidelis ad urnam Faithful to the tombBR Fidelis et audax Faithful and boldBR dutch explorer abel tasman Fidelis et constans Faithful and steadfastBR Fidelis et in bello fortis Faithful and brave in warBR Fidelis et suavis Faithful and gentleBR Fidelis in omnibus Faithful in all thingsBR Fidelis usque ad mortem Faithful even unto deathBR Fidelisque ad mortem And faithful to deathBR Fidelitas FidelityBR Fidelitas regi et justitia mihi Fidelity to the king and justice to myselfBR Fidelitas vincit Fidelity prevailsBR Fidelitate By fidelityBR Fideacuteliteacute est de Dieu Fidelity is of GodBR Fideliter FaithfullyBR Fideliter et diligenter Faithfully and diligentlyBR Fideliter et recte Faithfully and uprightlyBR Fideliter serva Perform faithfullyBR Fidem meam observabo I will keep my faithBR Fidem meam serabo I will keep my faithBR Fidem parit integritas Integrity produces confidenceBR Fidem rectam qui colendo Who by cultivating right faithBR Fidem serabo genusque I will preserve. SenecaBR Non est ei similis There is no one like himBR Non est mea culpa Its not my faultBR Non est sine pulvere palma The palm is not obtained without toilBR Non est vivere sed valere vita Not living but health is lifeBR Non est vivere sed valere vita est Life is not being alive but being well life is more than just being aliveBR Non extinguar I shall not be extinguishedBR Non fallor I am not deceivedBR Non fecimus ipsi We have not done these things ourselvesBR Non fluctu nec flatu movetur He is not moved by either wave or windBR Non frustra Not without a purposeBR Non generant aquil columbas Eagles do not beget dovesBR Non gladio sed gratia Not by the sword but by kindnessBR Non Gradus Anus Rodentum Not WorthA Rats AssBR Non his insignitus Distinguished not by theseBR Non hc sed me Not these things but meBR Non hc sine numine These things are not without the DeityBR Non ignara mals miseris eagles landing cookeville tn svccvrrere disco No stranger to misfortune myself I learn to relieve the sufferings of othersBR Non ignarus mali miseris succurrere disco Not acquainted with misfortune I learn to succour the wretchedBR Non illigitamus carborundum Dont let the bastards grind you downBR Non immemor beneficii Grateful for kindnessBR Non in vita Not in lifeBR Non inferiora Not mean pursuitsBR Non inferiora secutus Not having followed mean pursuitsBR Non invita Not by constraintBR Non invita Minerva Not against the bent of your geniusBR Non jure deficit He is not wanting in rightBR Non licet It is not allowedBR Non liquet It is not clearBR Non lumen effugio I shun not the lightBR Non metuo I do not fearBR Non mihi non tibi sed nobis Not for you not for me but for usBR Non mihi sed Deo et regi Not for myself but for my countryBR Non minima sed magma prosequor I follow not trivial but important thingsBR Non minor est virtus quam qurere arte tueri Nor is it less valour to defend by art than to obtainBR Non minor est virus quam qurere parta tueri To defend what you have gained is no less valour than to gainBR Non moritur cujus fama ivit He dies not whose fame survivesBR Non mortem timemus sed cogitationem mortis We do not fear death but the thought of death. used at the announcement of a new popeBR Habeo non habeor I hold but am not heldBR Habere et dispertire To have and to share with othersBR Hac lege with this lawBR Hacircc ornant With this they adornBR Hactenus invictus Hitherto unconqueredBR Haec olim meminisse ivvabit Time heals all things. CiceroBR Tramite recta By a direct pathBR Transfigam I will transfixBR Transit umbra lux permanet Shadow passes light remains On a sun dialBR Triumpho morte tain vitucirc I triumph equally in death as in lifeBR Troinh chruadal Through hardshipsBR Trop hardi Too boldBR Tu autem You alsoBR Tu fui ego eris What you are I was

duris non frangor

VergilBR Mens conscia recti A mind conscious of rectitudeBR Mens cujusque is est quisque As the mind of each so is the manBR Mens et manus Heart and handBR Mens flecti nescia A mind that cannot be bentBR Mens immota A constant mindBR Mens pristina mansit The original mind hath remainedBR Mens rea Guilty mindBR Mens regnum bona possidet An honest heart is a kingdom in itself. Appius Claudius CaecusBR Faber quisque fortunae suae Each man is the maker of his own fortuneBR Fabricati diem Make my dayBR Fabula sed vera A story but a true oneBR Fac et spera Do and hopeBR Fac justa Act justlyBR Fac me cocleario vomere Gag me ear wax removal walgreens with a spoonBR Fac similiter Do likewiseBR Fac ut nemo me vocet Hold my callsBR Fac ut vivas Get a lifeBR Face aut tace Do or be silentBR Facie tenus Even to the faceBR Facies qualis mens talis As the face so is the mindBR Facile princeps Acknowledged leaderBR Facilis descensvs averno The descent to Avernus Hell its easy to fall hard to riseBR Facilius est multa facere quam diu It is easier to do many things than to do one for a long time. CiceroBR Mea spes est in Deo My hope is in GodBR Meallan muilte Deacute go mall ach meallan siad go mion. Watch out for what you dont seeBR In certa salutis anchora On a sure anchor of safetyBR In clo confidemus We will trust in heavenBR In clo quies There is rest in heavenBR In clo spes dysis mea est My hope is in heavenBR In concussa virtus Unshaken virtueBR In constantia decus There is honour in constancyBR In constantia decus Honour in constancyBR In copia cautus Careful amid plentyBR in cornu salutem spero I trust to the horn for safetyBR In cruce confido I trust in the crossBR In cruce et lachrymis spes est There is hope in the cross and in tearsBR In cruce fides Faith in the crossBR In cruce glorior I glory in the crossBR In cruce salus In the cross is salvationBR In cruce spero I trust in the crossBR In cruce spes mea In the cross is my hopeBR In cruce triumphans Triumphing in the crossBR In cruce vincam I shall conquer in the crossBR In cruce vinco Through the cross I conquerBR In crucifixa gloria mea My glory is in the crossBR In curia In courtBR In dentibus anticis frustrum magnum spiniciae habes You have a big piece of spinach in your front teethBR In Deo confido nil desperandum Trust in God nothing is to be despaired ofBR In Deo est mihi omnis fides In God is my whole trustBR In Deo fides My trust is in GodBR In Deo fides lux in tenebris Faith in God is light in darknessBR In Deo fido I trust in GodBR In Deo mea spes My hope is in GodBR In Deo omnia In God are all thingsBR In Deo salutem Salvation in GodBR In Deo sola salus The only salvation is in God aloneBR In Deo earthquake in irving tx solo salus est Salvation is in God aloneBR In Deo solo dyson air mover speravi In God alone I have trustBR In Deo solo spes mea My hope is in God aloneBR In Deo spero I place my hope in GodBR In Deo spes mea In God is my hopeBR In dwaraka temple in gujarat distans At a distanceBR In Domino confido I trust in the LordBR In Domino et non in arcu meo sperabo I will rest my hope on the Lord and not in my bowBR In dubiis non est agendum In dubious cases you should not actBR In dubio In doubtBR In dubio pro reo In doubt in favor of the accused. Deeds not words give the exampleBR Verba volant littera scripta manet Words fly away the written letter remainsBR Verbatim Exactly as saidBR Verbatim et litteratim Word for word and letter for letterBR Verbum sapienti satis est A word to the wise is sufficient. TerenceBR Fortes fortuna iuvat fortune favours the braveBR Fortes fortuna juvat Fortune favours the boldBR Fortes semper monstrant missericordiam The brave always show mercyBR Forti et fideli nihil difficile To the brave and faithful man nothing is difficultBR Forti favet clum Heaven favours the braveBR Forti fors bona Fortune is dustin pedroia career stats favourable to the boldBR Forti nihil difficile Nothing is difficult to the braveBR Forti non ignavo To the brave man not to the dastardBR Fortior leone justus The just man is stronger than a lionBR Fortior qui melior He is the stronger who is the better manBR Fortior qui se vincit He is strongest who conquers himselfBR Fortiorum fortia facta The brave deeds of brave menBR Fortis atque fidelis Brave and faithfulBR Fortis cadere cedere non potest The brave man may fall but cannot yieldBR Fortis cadere non cedre potest The brave man may fall but cannot yieldBR Fortis est qui se vincit He is brave who conquers himselfBR Fortis est veritas Truth is strongBR Fortis esto non ferox Be brave not ferociousBR Fortis et astutus Bold and craftyBR Fortis et egregius Bold and excellentBR Fortis et fide Brave and faithfullyBR Fortis et fidelis Brave and faithfulBR Fortis et fidus Brave and trustyBR Fortis et hospitalis Brave and hospitableBR Fortis et lenis Brave and gentleBR Fortis et placabilis Brave and placableBR Fortis et velox Strong and swiftBR Fortis in arduis Brave under difficultiesBR eagle ranch apartments albuquerque Fortis in bello Brave in warBR Fortis in procella Strong in the stormBR Fortis in teipso Brave in thyselfBR Fortis qui prudens He is brave who is prudentBR Fortis si jure fortis Strong if strong in rightBR Fortis sub forte The brave under the braveBR Fortis sub forte fatiscet The brave shall grow weary beneath the braveBR Fortis turris mihi Deus God is my strong towerBR Fortis valore et armis Strong in courage and armsBR Fortissima veritas Truth is most powerfulBR Fortiter BravelyBR Fortiter ac sapienter Bravely and wiselyBR Fortiter defendit triumphans Triumphing it bravely defendsBR Fortiter et celeriter Boldly and quicklyBR Fortiter et feliciter Boldly and fortunatelyBR Fortiter et fide Boldly and faithfullyBR Fortiter dyson dc40 reviews et fideliter Boldly and faithfullyBR Fortiter et honestegrave Boldly and honourablyBR Fortiter et rectegrave Boldly and rightlyBR Fortiter et strenuegrave Boldly and earnestlyBR Fortiter fideliter forsan feliciter Bravely faithfully perhaps successfullyBR Fortiter gerit crucem He bravely supports the crossBR Fortiter in re Bravely in actionBR Fortiter in re et suaviter in modo Firmly in act and gently in mannerBR Fortiter in re suaviter in modo Resolutely in action gently in manner. after thorns the palmBR Post spinas palma After difficulties a reward lit. TertullianusBR Certum pete finem Aim at a sure endBR Cervus non servus A stag not enslavedBR Cetera desunt the rest is missingBR Ceteris major qui melior Who is better is dyna glo 4 burner grill reviews greater than the restBR Ceteris paribus All else being equalBR Chacun le sien Every man his ownBR Chacun sa part Each his shareBR Che saragrave saragrave What will be will beBR Cherche et tu trouveras Seek and thou shalt findBR Cherche qui na Let him seek who has notBR Cheacuteris lespoir Cherish hopeBR Ches moy At homeBR Chescun son devoir Every one his dutyBR Chi la fa laspetti As a man does so let him expect to be done byBR Chi semini vertu racoglia fama Who sows virtue gathers fameBR Christi crux est mea lux The cross of Christ is my lightBR Christi pennatus sidera morte peto Furnished with wings feathers by the death of Christ I seek stars. and their English translations

Definition of an orator Cato the ElderBR Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit A wise man does not urinate against the windBR Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur That man is wise who talks little know when to hold your tongueBR Virebo I shall flourishBR Vires acquirit eundo It gains strength by going as it goes. HoraceBR Corda serata fero I bear a locked heartBR Corda serata pando I lay open locked heartsBR Corde et manu With heart and handBR Corde fixam Fixed in my heartBR Corde manuque With heart and handBR Cordi dat robora virtus Virtue gives strength to the heartBR Cornix cornici oculos non effodiet A crow doesnt rip out the eyes of another crowBR Cornu exaltabitur honore The horn shall be exalted in honourBR Cornucopia Horn of plentyBR Corona mea Christus Christ is my crownBR Coronat fides Faith crowns allBR Corpus christi The body of ChristBR Corpus delicti The body of a crime. HoraceBR Nullo metro compositum est It doesnt rhymeBR Nullum crimen sine lege nulla poena sine lege No crime and no punishment without a pre existing lawBR Nullum est iam dictum quod non dictum sit prius Nothing is said that hasnt been said before. forthwithBR Jam transit hyems Now winter is passingBR Jamais abattu Never beaten downBR Jamais arriegravere Never behindBR Je defie fortune I defy fortuneBR Je dis la veacuteriteacute I tell the truthBR Je feray ce que je diray Ill do what I sayBR Je gardye bien I am carefulBR Je le feray durant ma vie I will do it so long as I liveBR Je le tiens I hold itBR Je les maintiendrai I will maintain themBR Je luis imperceu I shine unseenBR Je men souviendray I will remember itBR Je maintiendrai I will maintainBR Je me fie en Dieu I trust in GodBR Je me souviendrai I will rememberBR Je me tourne vers loccident I turn towards the westBR Je mourrai pour ceux que jaime I will die for those I loveBR Je noublierai jamais I will never forgetBR Je noublierai pas I will not forgetBR Je ne change quen mourant I change but in deathBR Je ne cherche quung I seek but oneBR Je ne puis I cannotBR Je pense I thinkBR Je pense agrave qui pense plus I think of him who is the most thoughtfulBR Je pense plus I think the moreBR Je recois pour donner I receive to distributeBR Je suis prest I am readyBR Je suis precirct I am readyBR Je suis veillant agrave plaire I am watchful to pleaseBR Je tans grace I have mercyBR Je tiendray ma puissance par ma foi I will maintain my power by my faithBR Je trove bien I find wellBR Je veux bonne guerre I wish fair playBR Je veux de bonne guerre I wish fair playBR Je veux le droict I desire that which is justBR Je veux le droit I desire that which is justBR Je vive en esperance I live in hopeBR Je vive en espoir I live in hopeBR Je voil droit avoir I will have rightBR Je voil droyt avoyre I will have justiceBR Je voys I seeBR Jehova portio mea The Lord is my portionBR JehovahJirej The Lord will provideBR Jesu esto mihi Jesus Jesus be Jesus unto meBR Jesus hominum Salvator Jesus the Saviour of mankindBR Jesus seul bon et bel Jesus alone good and fairBR Join truth with Jouir en bien To enjoy innocentlyBR Jour de ma vie Day of my life. The truth is bitter

JuvenalisBR Mens sibi conscia recti A mind conscious of its rectitudeBR Mens sibi conscia recti A mind conscious to itself of rectitudeBR Mente et manu With heart and handBR Mente manuque With heart and handBR Mente manuque prsto Ready with heart and handBR Mentis honest gloria The glory of an honest mindBR Me memor originis Mindful of my originBR Merces hc dynobot certa laborum This is the sure reward of industryBR Merci fortune Thank you fortuneBR Merere To deserveBR Meret qui laborat He is deserving who is industriousBR Merite MeritBR Meritez DeserveBR Merito DeservedlyBR Merses profundo pulchrior evenit Sink him in the sea he comes out fairerBR Meruisse manu To have merited by the handBR Mesis ab alto Our harvest is from the deepBR Metuenda corolla dyson stock ticker draconis The dragons crest is to be fearedBR Metuo secundis I am fearful in prosperityBR Meum pactum dictum My word is my bondBR Mi camokah baalim Yehowah Who is like unto thee of the gods O JehovahBR Micat inter omnes He shines amongst allBR Mieux ecirctre que paraicirctre Better be than seemBR Migro et respicio I come forth and look backBR Mihi clum portus Heaven is my havenBR Mihi consulit Deus God careth for meBR Mihi cura futuri My care is for the futureBR Mihi cura futuri My concern is the futureBR Mihi et me For me and for mineBR Mihi ignosce. TibullusBR Credunt quod vident They believe what they see or because they seeBR Crescam ut prosim I will increase that I may do goodBR Crescat Deo promotore May he prosper with God as his guideBR Crescent They will increaseBR Crescit amor nummi quantum ipsa pecunia crevit The love of wealth grows as the wealth itself grew. BR Christi pennatus sidera morte peto Furnished with wings feathers in allusion to the name by the death of Christ I seek stars. LucretiusBR De novo AnewBR De e&e stakeout profundis Up from the depths of miseryBR De rervm natvra On the nature of things. SenecaBR Facito aliquid operis ut te semper diabolus inveniat occupatum Always do something Dystiny myers so that the devil always finds you occupied. Irish ProverbBR Niacute fiuacute sceacuteal gan uacutedar. Say it and do itBR Dare quam accipere Rather to give than to receiveBR Dat cura commodum Vigilance ensures advantageBR Dat cura quietem Vigilance ensures tranquilityBR Dat Deus incrementum God gives increaseBR Dat et sumit Deus God giveth and taketh awayBR Dat gloria vires Glory gives strengthBR Dat tela fidelitas Fidelity supplies eagle industries modular assault pack weaponsBR Data et accepta Expenditure and receiptsBR Data fata secutus Following my destinyBR Ddal gwaed Cymru Entertain Welsh bloodBR De asini vmbra disceptare To argue about the shadow of an ass. Easy come easy goBR Qvod vive Which seeBR Radicem firmant frondes Branches strengthen the rootBR Radicitus comes Really rad dudeBR Radii omnia lustrant His rays illuminate all thingsBR Radix lecti Couch potatoBR Radix omnium malorum est cupiditas the love of money is the root of all evil. HerodotosBR Religious loci The religious spirit of the placeBR Rem tene verba sequentur Keep to the subject and the words will follow

duris non frangor

A conspiracy CiceroBR Consequitur quodcunque petit He hits whatever he aims atBR Conserva me Domine Preserve me O LordBR Conservabo ad mortem I will preserve it till deathBR Consilii taciturnitas nutrix Silence is the nurse of counselBR Consilio ac durrani law firm virtute By prudence and valourBR Consilio et animis By wisdom and courageBR Consilio et animo By skill and spiritBR Consilio et armis By wisdom and armsBR Consilio et prudentia By wisdom and prudenceBR Consilio non impetu By counsel not by forceBR Constans contraria spernit The resolute man despises difficultiesBR Constans et fidei Steady to my faithBR Constans et fidelis Constant and faithfulBR Constans et prudens Constant and prudentBR Constant en tout Constant in everythingBR Constante et firme Constant and firmBR Constanter With constancyBR Constanter et prudentia Firmly and prudentlyBR Constanter in ardua With constancy against difficultiesBR Constantia By constancyBR Constantia et diligentia By perseverance and diligenceBR Constantia et fidelitate By constancy and fidelityBR Constantia et fortitudine By constancy and fortitudeBR Constantia et labore By resolution and exertionBR Constantia et virtute By constancy and virtueBR Constantia in ardua Perseverance against difficultyBR Constantia earthfair store virtus Constancy and valourBR Constare in sententia To continue in my opinionBR Consuetudinis magna vis est The force of habit is great. Irish ProverbBR Cuislean mo cridhe The pulsation of my heartBR Cuius regio eius religio He who rules his religionBR Cuivis dolori remedium est patientia Patience is the cure for all sufferBR Culpa A sinBR Culpam poena premit comes Punishment closely follows crime as its companion. Pubilius SyrusBR Homos alit artes Honour nourishes artsBR Honesta libertate By honourable liberty or Hone support libertyBR Honesta peto I seek honourable thingsBR Honesta quam magna How great are honourable thingsBR Honesta quam splendida Honour rather than splendourBR Honestas HonestyBR Honestas et fortitudo Honour and courageBR Honestas optima politia Honesty is the best policyBR Honestate vetusas stat Ancestry is established by honourBR Honeste audax Honourably boldBR Honestegrave vivo I live honestlyBR Honesto vivo I live by honestyBR Honest gloria fax mentis Glory the firebrand of the honourable mindBR Honestum pro patriacirc What is honourable for my countryBR Honestum prferre utili To prefer the honest to the profitableBR Honestum prtulit utili He has preferred honour to profitBR Honestum utili prefero I prefer honour to profitBR Honestum utili prr Prefer the honourable to the agreeableBR Honneur me guide Honour guides meBR Honneur pour objet Honour for objectBR Honneur sans repos Honour without reposeBR Honor HonourBR Honor et amor Honour and loveBR Honor et honestas Honour and honestyBR Honor et veritas Honour and truthBR Honor et virtus Honour and virtueBR Honor fidelitatis prmium Honour is the reward of fidelityBR Honor post funera vivit Honour lives after deathBR Honor potestate honorantis Honour is in dutchway restaurant gap pa the power of him who honoursBR Honor probataque dv8 dungannon virtus Honour and approved valourBR Honor sequitur fugientem Honour follows him who shuns itBR Honor virtutem coronat Honour crowns virtuesBR Honor virtutis pretium Honour is the reward of virtueBR Honor virtutis prmium Honour is the reward of virtue or valourBR Honor virutis preamium Honour is the reward of virtueBR Honorantes me honorabo I will honour those who honour meBR Honorat mors Death confers honourBR Honorate diligite timete Honour love fearBR Honore et amore With honour and loveBR Honore et virtute With hour and virtueBR Honore pietas Piety with honourBR Honores mutant mores The honours change the customs. SocratesBR Scire tuum nihil est nisi te scire hoc sciat alter Your knowledge is nothing when no one else knows that you know itBR Sciri facias Cause him to knowBR Scite citissime certe I use it skilfully most swiftly surelyBR Earobics game goo Scito te ipsum Know yourselfBR Scopus vit Christus Christ is the end of lifeBR Scribere est agere To write is to actBR Scripsit Heshe wrote itBR Scrogal ma dhream Loyal is my tribeBR Scroghal an dhream The clan is loyalBR Scroghal mo dhream eagle scout recognition letters My clan is loyalBR Scuto amoris Divini By the shield of Gods loveBR Scuto divino With the divine shieldBR Scuto fidei By the shield of faithBR Se defendendo In his own defenceBR Se inserit astris He places himself among the starsBR Seachnaiacuteonn suacuteil niacute nach bhfeiceann. ErasmusBR Vixere fortes ante agamemnona Brave men lived before Agamemnon. HoraceBR Dulce periculum Danger is sweetBR Dulce quod utile That is agreeable which is usefulBR Dulcedine capior I am captivated by sweetnessBR Dulces ante omnia Mus The Muses are delightful above all thingsBR dyson dc40 or dc50 Dulcis amor patri The love of ones country is sweetBR Dulcis pro patria labor Labour for ones country is sweetBR Dulcius ex asperis The sweeter because obtained by hardshipsBR Dulcius ex asperis Through difficulty sweetnessBR Dulco pro patriacirc periculum Danger is sweet for ones countryBR Dum clarum rectum teneam May I keep the line of right as well as of gloryBR Dum cresco spero While I increase I hopeBR Dum excusare credis accusas When you believe you are excusing yourself you are accusing yourself

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    Eyes I believe with my heartBR Ore rotundo With full voiceBR Orna verum Honour the truthBR Ornat fortem prudentia Prudence adorns the braveBR Ornatur radix fronde The root is adorned by the foliageBR Osculare pultem meam Kiss my gritsBR Ostendo non ostento I show not boastBR Otium cum dignitate Repose with dignityBR Oublier ne puis I cannot forgetBR Pace Be at peaceBR Pace et bello paratus In peace and war preparedBR Pace tua With your consentBR Pacem amo I love peaceBR Pacem sed coronatam pacem Peace but crowned peaceBR Pacis Of peaceBR Pacis nuncia A harbinger of peaceBR Pacta sunt servanda Agreements are to be kept. AcciusBR Probatum est It has been provedBR Probitas laudatur et alget Honesty is praised and left in the cold. Wounds offensesBR Haec trutina errat There is something wrong with this scaleBR Hannibal ante portas Hannibal is at the doors The enemydanger is at the doorsBR Hardiment et bellement Boldly and handsomelyBR Haud facile emergunt They do easily rise upBR Haud ignota loquor I say things that are knownBR Haud inferiora secutus Not having mean pursuitsBR Haud lege pertior Not more skilful than the lawBR Haud nomine tantum Not in name aloneBR Haud ullis labantia ventis Yielding under no windsBR Haut et bon High and goodBR Havet et suam He hath also his ownBR He crains Dieu I fear GodBR Heb Dduw heb ddim Duw a digon Without God without anything God is enoughBR Heb Duw heb ddim Without God we have nothingBR Heb nefol nerth nid sicr saeth Without heavenly aid no arrow is sureBR Helluo librorum A glutton for books. That is to sayBR Id est mihi id non est tibi It is mine not yoursBR Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit It aint over until its overBR Id tibi praebet speciem lepidissimam It looks great on youBR Idem The sameBR Idem quod

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SenecaBR Nemo dat quod non habet No one gives what duris non frangor he does not haveBR Nemo gratis duris non frangor mendax No man lies person with no reason to lie is telling the truthBR Nemo hic adest illius nominis There is no one here by that nameBR Nemo liber est qui corpori servit No one is free who is a slave to his bodyBR Nemo malus felix No bad man is lucky. A proverb can not be dyson dc40 review refuted

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Irish ProverbBR Is iomaiacute fear fada a bhiacuteonns duris non frangor lag ina laacuter. TacitusBR Pestis patri pigrities Sloth is the bane of a countryBR Petimus altiora We seek loftier thingsBR Petit alta He seeks high thingsBR Petiti ardua virtus Virtue seeks difficultiesBR dynamization Philosophum non facit barba The beard does duris non frangor not define a philosopher

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The same asBR Iesus nazarenus rex iudaeorum INRI Jesus of Nazareth King of the JewsBR Ignavis nunquam Never for the idleBR Igne constricto vita secura Fire being restrained life is secureBR Ignis aurum probat miseria fortes viros Life is not a duris non frangor bowl of cherries or literally Fire earth fare auburn al tests gold adversity tests strong menBR Ignis fatuus Foolish fire will o the wispBR Ignorantia juris neminem excusat Ignorance of the law excuses no oneBR Ignoratio elenchi An ignorance of proofBR Ignotus ign. in a crooked pathBR Redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris Render unto Caesar the things that are eaglemoss cakes and sweets CaesarsBR Reddunt cmmci mitem Social interchanges render men civilisedBR Redivivus Come back to lifeBR Redolet lvcernam It smells of the lamp critical remark that duris non frangor one worked too hard on somethingBR Redoubtable et Fougueux duris non frangor Formidable and FieryBR Reductio ad absurdum Reduction to the absurd

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JuvenalBR Nemo risum praebuit qui ex se coepit Nobody is laughed at who laughs at himself. While there is life there is hopeBR Dum vivimus vivamus While we live let us liveBR Dum vivimus vivamus duris non frangor While we live dustin goolsby let us live Epicurean philosophyBR Dum vivo spero While I live I hopeBR Dumvivo vireo While I live I flourishBR Dura lex sed lex The law is harsh but it is duris non frangor the lawBR Durat ditat placet duris non frangor It endures it enriches and it pleasesBR Dureteacute HardnessBR Duriora virtus Virtue tries harder thingsBR Duris non frangor I am not disheartened by difficultiesBR Durum sed certissimum Hard but most sureBR Duw a darpar dynasty express knoxville tn ir brain God provides for the crowsBR Duw a Digon God is enough

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CaesarBR Liber et audax Free and boldBR Liber et duris non frangor erectus Free and erectBR Libera terra liberque anumus A free earth and a free mind or a Frankland and a free mindBR Liberae sunt nostrae cogitationes Our thoughts are free. Actions speak louder than wordsBR Factis non verbis By deeds not wordsBR Facto non verbo By deed not wordBR Factum est It is doneBR Faire mon devoir To do my dutyBR Faire sans dire To do without speaking. People change behaviour but not their aimsBR Vultus est index animi The face is the index of the soulmindBR Vultus in hostem The countenance against the enemyBR Vultus in hostem The countenance against the enemyBR Wath ein fferwyth yr adnabyddir We are known according to our actionsBR Wer gutes u boses nit kan ertragon wirt kein grose chre erjagen Who cannot bear good and evil shall not obtain great honoursBR Wrth ein ffrwythan ein hadnabyddir Let us be seen by our actionsBR Y blaidd nid ofnaf I fear not the wolfBR Y cadarn ar cyfrwys The mighty duris non frangor and cunningBR Y cyfiawn sydd hy megis llew The righteous is bold like earl scruggs dueling banjos a lionBR Y ddioddefws y orfu He suffered to duris non frangor conquerBR Y ddioddefws orfu He who has suffering duris non frangor has conqueredBR Y ddioddefws y orfu He suffered to conquerBR Ysgwyd A shieldBelow is a list of duris non frangor mottoes and phrase in early's farm and garden various languages Latin French Welsh Irish etc e8267d

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HoraceBR Caelum videre dyson comparable vacuums iussit et erectos ad sidera tollere vultus He bid them look at the sky and lift their faces to the stars. Theres no place like home duris non frangor

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SenecaBR Si vis pacem para bellum If you want peace prepare for the war. A penny gets another penny. CiceroBR Dum tempus habemus operemur bonum While we have the time let us do goodBR Dum varior Until I am changedBR Dum vigilo tutus While I am vigilant I am safeBR Dum dylan klebold house vita est spes est While life duris non frangor is duris non frangor hope is

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Certain knowledge cannot be obtained. Motto of Tottenham HotspurBR Audi alteram partem Hear the other partyBR Audi et alteram partem Hear the other side tooBR Audi vide sile Hear see be silentBR duris non frangor Audiatur et altera pars Let duris non frangor us hear the opposite sideBR Audio sed taceo I hear dymaxion car but say nothingBR Audito et gradito Listen and walk onBR Augeo I increaseBR Augeor dum progedior I increase as I proceedBR Auget largiendo He increases by giving liberallyBR Aura popularis The popular breeze. Food is not better than sense